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Sotogrande Polo Season 2023, Tournaments, Dates & Events

The 2023 polo season in Sotogrande will feature nine tournaments. Ayala Polo Club, the organizer of the season, has scheduled nine different events over a period of five months for a season that will begin on May 18th. The 52nd International Tournament will be played from July 24th to August 26th.

Sotogrande Polo season 2023May 2023 - Polo Sotogrande

The 2023 polo season has confirmed dates to once again enjoy one of Sotogrande's most representative sports, reaffirming its position as the most important polo enclave in Spain.

Ayala Polo Club, which is organizing the official polo season in Sotogrande for the second year, has planned a total of nine tournaments spread out over five months, from May to September.

Specifically, on May 18th, the Welcome Cup will mark the beginning of this season in which Ayala Polo Club aims to bring even more quality and spectacle to the polo competitions. These competitions will bring together some of the best teams and polo players in the world on the seven fields prepared to accommodate thousands of residents and visitors throughout 2023.


June 2023 Polo Sotogrande

The following events will take place between May and June, including the KE Sotogrande Cup (May 25th-29th), the Joseph McMicking Cup (June 1st-11th), and the Spanish Open (June 15th-25th), which was one of the significant additions to the previous season. The calendar continues in early summer with the Memorial to the founder Enrique Zóbel from June 29th to July 9th and the Memorial Manuel Prado and Colón de Carvajal.

August 2023 Polo Sotogrande

In the heart of summer, from July 24th to August 26th, the most anticipated moment of the season will arrive with the Sotogrande International Polo Tournament and its respective Bronze Cup, Silver Cup, and Gold Cup. Considered one of the three most important polo events in the world, the Tournament is now in its 52nd edition, making it an essential summer event in Sotogrande for polo enthusiasts and tourists visiting the area, as well as dozens of national and international media outlets.

September 2023 Polo Sotogrande

As the grand finale, from August 31st to September 3rd, the San Enrique de Guadiaro Cup will take place, followed by the Farewell Cup from September 7th to 10th. This will close a season that aims to be a turning point for the future of this sport as a hallmark of Sotogrande.